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The Quilted Cricket is dedicated to providing reasonably-priced longarm quilting services in a timely manner.

I quilt exclusively with INNOVA quilting machines. My studio houses three fabulous 26" INNOVA machines loaded with Lightening Stitch (ABM's state-of-the-art stitch regulator) and Mach 3 AutoPilot (computerized robotics). 

Pricing Information:

Edge-to-Edge/All-Over Quilting - No Minimums

$0.025. (2.5 cents) per square inch

Custom Quilting - No Minimums

Prices starting at $0.07 (7 cents) per square inch

The designs the Cricket enjoys working with most often were created by Anne Bright. Click on her name to check out the stunning edge-to-edge (E2E)/all-ovedesigns. Anne’s designs are not only beautiful but look wonderful when stitched out. I'm confident you will be able to find a design that is appropriate for your project.

BATTING: I have batting available or you can provide your own favorite high-quality batting.

THREAD: I utilize Superior Thread's King Tut 100% Cotton, So Fine, Micro-Quilter, Magnifico, Fantastico, Omni, and Bottom Line threads. I also use Aurifil and Glide.

Check out Superior Threads for all their fabulous colors.

Thread is Priced by the bobbin (and the total number used depend upon the design density).

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